Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different web solutions you provide?

Ivar Technologies provides business specific solutions to support your business needs and mutually be successfully.

Is your solution HIPAA compliant?

Ivar Technologies provides solution that best fits your business needs, hence we provide you with both options - General secure solution and HIPAA compliant solution.

Does your hosting solution include email servers?

Our hosting solutions supports email capability and can be purchased part of your solution.

Are the email servers HIPAA compliant?

Yes, HIPAA compliant email functionality and mailbox setup is included if purchased as part of HIPAA compliant solution.

Do you have a pre-built solution?

Ivar Technologies focuses to provide business specific solutions to poise for mutual success. While Ivar Technologies is building specific solution for each customer, the components and modules previously developed will be leveraged as need to provide an affordable solution.

What is your pricing policy?

Our model is to provide cost effective solutions developed specifically to meet your business needs, hence a standard price list is not posted on the website. We are confident our price will be lower than any of our competitors. If you have a valid quote from a competitor, we can assess to beat or match it.